The Ultimate Customer Engagement Tool
for an Immersive Brand Experience

for Independent and Franchise
Cafes, Restaurants, Breweries & Fitness Centers

Build Your Contact List Automatically!

Customers sign in to your Guest WiFi with their Facebook account or phone number and automatically opt-in to your loyalty program at the same time

Drive Repeat Business

Digital loyalty programs that don’t require any downloads. Engage your customers over Guest WiFi, SMS, TV & Social Media

Welcome Messages

Increase Likes on your Facebook page by sending a message that welcomes your new loyalty members on premise with a link to your page

Wecome Back Messages

Drive user generated content on your social media pages with personalized messages for your loyalty members

Marketing Automation

Build your customer database, enroll customers in your Loyalty Program, and engage them with personalized messaging – automatically

Digital Signage

Keep your specials and messaging fresh, with digital signage featuring  Social TV, Digital Menu Boards, Video & Interactive Ads

On Premise Engagement

Know which customers on are site and combine WiFi, Text & TV for the ulimate guest experience. Host contests, interative games & more.

User Generated Content

Turn your customers into brand advocates with multi-channel mobile marketing that compels your customers to use your hashtags and share your brand

SMS Coupons & Deals

Improve customer retention with SMS keywords that auto reply with regularly updated offers. And send flash deals that get customers in the door with 1 day only, time based offers

Interactive Advertising

Provide real time engagement with your customers through Hashtags and SMS Keywords on your TVs. Send auto replies to keywords and live 2 way chat with your customers over text

Text + Social

90% of all text messages are read within 9 minutes!
Send highly targeted text messages that receive a 98% Open Rate – compared to 20% with Email. Social Cross Promotion for Facebook Events, Special Offers on facebook and encourage posts with your hashtag on Instagram. And enroll customers in your loyalty program with Text-To-Join Keywords, QR Codes, Web Widgets, CoGoWiFi* & Kiosks*

2500 SMS Credits
Dedicated SMS Phone Number
Message Scheduling
Digital Punch Cards
Coupons & Contests
Unlimited SMS Keywords
Unlimited Customer Segments
Automated Birthday Messages
Cloud Based Dashboard with Real Time Data

*additional fees apply

Starting at just $99/mo

WiFi + Social

Customers connect to your Branded Guest WiFi
and Enroll in your Loyalty Program
at the same time


Opt-In Data Capture
Loyalty Program Enrollment
Welcome Messages with Facebook Link
Welcome Back Messages with Instagram Link & Your Hashtag
Plus Real Time Stats & Anaylytics

Text + Social

Send highly targeted text messages
that Receive a 98% Open Rate

Social Media Engagement
Drive user generated content. Increase likes, shares & check-ins. And boost Facebook event intersts.

Real Time Customer Engagement
Send Flash Deals and Host SMS Contests on or off site to drive sales. Create polls to learn more about your customers.

Improve Customer Loyalty
Segment your customers and send personalized messages, so they only receive what’s relevant to their interests

No Downloads Required
Customers are more inclined to use your loyalty program, when they don’t have to download an app, or fill out complicated forms

TV + Social

Engage Customers & Increase Sales
with Digital Signage

Wait times seem less when there’s something interesting to look at! Use videos & our interactive content to keep your customers entertained.

Interactive Content
Integrate with Text for even better on-site engagement! Live contests. Display text-to-join information based on the type of content being shown for personalized messaging and more. Ask about interactive advertising to offset your costs.

Customer Engagement
Social TV makes your customers want to share about your brand on Social Media so their pictures appear on your TV. For a good time, be sure to put one at the bar!

Digital Menu Boards
Showcase your Menu & Daily Promotions with mouthwatering graphics that are sure to make your customers order more

81% of Millennials

favor loyalty programs that do more than offer rewards for purchase

Over 40% of Millennials

engage with loyalty programs that are fun and interactive

70% of Consumers

say they would use a mobile version of their loyalty cards if they didn’t have to sign into a website or download an app

Restaurants bring back more customers with CoGoBuzz personalized marketing solutions, than with any traditional advertising service, through Automated Data Collection and Targeted, Multi-Channel Digital Marketing

CoGoBuzz Rewards Programs

99% Higher Adoption Rate – No Downloads Required! 

Ready-to-use, text based loyalty program
with Digital Punch Cards

Sign up
Add Points
View Status
Redeem Points

All from texts with your local business number

Automated Birthday Messages

Send an auto response to collect your contacts’ birthdays when they subscribe to your list.

Customer Segmenting

Segment your customers with unlimited SMS Keywords. Each keyword adds your contact to a unique group.

Digital Coupons

Set custom keywords to auto reply with a coupon code. Coupon codes can be rotated regularly to improve customer retention.

Contests & Polls

Engage and reward your customers over SMS. Select random winners, and send automated responses to polls.

Digital Punch Cards

Offer SMS rewards to your customers and build loyalty to your brand to keep customers happy and coming back.

Social Media Integration

Integrate messages with your business’s page on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter with link tracking.

Customer Insights & Real Time Reporting

Learn more about your customers, so you can send the right message, at the right time!

  • Message Open Rate 98%
  • More Loyalty Members 72%
  • More Facebook Engagement 82%
  • Phone Numbers 80%

See How You’re Connected with Your Guests

Facebook Profiles


Phone Numbers


Email Addresses


Access Code


Customer Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does it Take to Get Started?


Get Setup in 60 seconds or less

Simply plug it in and watch it work its magic!

How Does it Work?
CoGoBuzz can be broken up into multiple service levels, but the automatic data capture comes from the WiFi. With a CoGoBuzz HotSpot, customers connect to your network with their Facebook Account or Phone Number, and are automatically enrolled in your loyalty program. This data is collected then used to reach back out with personalized texts and emails. Set up real-time campaigns targeted at people in your restaurant, or bring people back on a slow day with Flash Deals.
I Already Have a Marketing Company...

No problem! CoGoBuzz is built to be an Open System*, empowering not only your business, but the services and providers you already use. We get marketing companies operating at full throttle, with less effort. With easy access to our cloud based dashboard, they can manage their own digital, mobile, social & proximity advertising campaigns with the CoGoBuzz platform. All they have to do is create the messaging, CoGoBuzz does everything else – it’s so easy, you can even let your nephew manage it!

*Open System is a technical term, that simply means it plays well with others. We send and receive data from other sources, using the most secure systems available to date, ensuring your data is safe.

Is My Data Safe?
We take security seriously. We’ve been in the network management business since 2002, setting up large scale networks for hotels, resorts and convention centers across the US. We bring the same top tier security standards we offer for our large scale venues to your restaurant. We provide 24/7 network support and use all of the latest systems and security standards to keep your network and data secure! All of your customer data is stored in a unique database and belongs to your company; we do not use or sell this information for our own purposes.


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