Main Street WiFi

Main Streets across America are at risk of losing funding

CoGoBuzz® helps Main Streets become self sustaining through
Mobile Marketing & Roaming Public WiFi


Free, Roaming Public WiFi

Easy to Implement, No Cost to Main Street

A new innovation for seamless WiFi – Outdoors & Indoors – for your entire Main Street!
Easy to Implement
We use the internet in each merchants storefront for one seamless WiFi experience  – creating a new, secure network, regardless of internet providers
Easy to Budget
Our Solution is Simple. By creating a network, using the internet already in each merchant’s storefront, there’s No Cost to Main Street
Added Value
Earn recurring revenue for merchant enrollment PLUS income from mobile advertising made possible with CoGoBuzz™ automatic data capture

Proximity Marketing

Message Customers On Your Main Street

Send messages to patrons on your Main Street, in real time! Know which patrons are actively on your network and advertise directly to them

SMS Marketing & Loyalty Programs

Increase Social Gravity™ & Online Reviews


Social Gravity: [soh-shuh-grav-i-tee] noun.

the power of 1 Like/Share/Post that translates to an average view of 300 friends with similar interests, in the same geographic location

Social Media
Get more Facebook Likes & Posts when patrons connect to your WiFi. And encourage online reviews with WiFi & SMS ads.
SMS Marketing
Notify patrons of upcoming events and special deals from your merchants and get more Facebook event engagement.
Digital Loyalty Programs
Patrons automatically enroll for special offers & event notifications with WiFi Login. Unlimited digital punch cards for merchants.

Automatic Data Collection

Big Data & Analytics

Automatically collect opt-in data from patrons on your street with Main Street WiFi

Social Login
WiFi Login via Facebook, Phone # or Email. Patron info is stored in your loyalty member list, for automatic logins and notifications
User Data
See patron Names, Profile Photos, Phone #s, Email Addresses, # of Friends, Total # of Visits, Download Phone #s & Emails
Daily Reports
Receive daily reports showing new & returning patrons, how you’re connected and more

No Expensive Setup Costs For Your Main Street

Merchants Pay a Low Monthly Fee To Be Part of the Network


Merchant Services Start at just $49/month

Lower Advertising Costs
Merchants that are part of the network have access to lower advertising costs targeting all main street patrons
Simplified Guest WiFi
Separate networks, meeting all the latest security stardards, for Guest & Back Office with simple sign in
Social Login
No complicated WiFi passwords. Patrons login one time with Facebook, Phone # or Email and autoconnect for future visits

Monthly Revenue Source

Main Streets with 75 Merchants Earn over $6,700 per month – on Auto Pilot
with even more revenue potential


3 Ways to Earn

Recurring Revenue
Flat monthly rate per WiFi Merchant
Advertising Revenue
20% of all advertising revenue
Service Upgrades
Revshare for additional services & upgrades
Just send merchants to your custom sign up link or have them give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest!

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