Integrated Marketing Solution for Restaurants

The CogoBuzz Revenue Generating Hotspot™ is the one solution
your restaurant or franchise needs for targeted messaging
using guest insights, integrated marketing and marketing automation.

WiFi, SMS, Email, Digital Signage & Social Media

WiFi is not enough. Our Revenue Generating Hotspot captures customer data & insights, manages your marketing on multiple platforms, and engages with your guests automatically. Deploy integrated marketing campaigns using SMS marketing, digital signage, email and social media to deliver targeted messages that drive ROI.

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Restaurants / Cafes / Bars

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At CogoBuzz we understand that building a lucrative hospitality business with high-value customers is the difference between success and failure. Competition is tough and you only have so many hours in a day.

We Get It.

We believe that getting your message out there shouldn’t be so hard. In fact, the CogoBuzz Revenue Generating Hotspot™ has already helped companies like Mellow Mushroom, Hilton, Marriott, and hundreds more.

WiFi Marketing. Why it works…

It all starts with a simple little box – the CogoBuzz Revenue Generating Hotspot.  Just one connection to your guest wi-fi stores the customer’s info and triggers an automated, habit based SMS text message.  What happens from there is the real magic.  We use the power of Social Gravity™ to grow your audience and turn followers into loyal customers.

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Just 15 minutes and we promise, you’ll be amazed! You’ll speak with someone from our team of restaurant and entertainment gurus and social influencers.

Social Media Automation

Send automated texts that encourage interaction with Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, with link tracking.

Customer Segmenting

Segment your customers with unlimited SMS Keywords. Each keyword adds your contact to a unique group.

Digital Coupons

Set custom keywords to auto reply with a coupon code. Coupon codes can be rotated regularly to improve customer retention.

Contests & Polls

Engage and reward your customers over SMS. Select random winners, and send automated responses to polls.

Digital Punch Cards

Offer SMS rewards to your customers and build loyalty to your brand to keep customers happy and coming back.

Automated Birthday Messages

Send personalized birthday greetings with special offers directly to your customers phones in a text message.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

Anaya Coffee
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“Our Facebook likes and check-in rates have gone crazy! Our customers love it, they’re enjoying their coffee and want to let their friends know - and CoGoBuzz makes it so easy”
Mike, Owner
Anaya Coffee
Charlie & Jakes Brewery
Image is not available
“Our customers love it! Easy WiFi - Easy Punch Cards - and Rewards!”
Steve, Owner
Charlie & Jakes Brewery
Image is not available
“NConnections manages our entire 172,000 sqft Convention Center. Their professionalism and support solution guarantees there are no surprises!”
Tony, General Manager
Miami Airport Convention Center
Image is not available
“#1 power of Main Street Engagement - Providing easy to use, area wide visitor WiFi has proven to be an amazing boost to our Social Media efforts. With a single sign-on our visitors can roam seamlessly, with high speed WiFi, across all of Main Street. The result has been a dramatic increase of posts about our mural program, Likes & Check-Ins at our merchants, and invaluable understanding of our visitors.”
Lisa, Executive Director
EGAD Main Street
Legacy Vacation Club
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"InRoom Connections has eliminated my staff from ever calling the ISP technical support. Their ISP Management is a real benefit and has saved me hours of downtime!"
Scott Zane, Managing Director of IT
Legacy Vacation Club
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CogoBuzz integrated marketing & automation drives revenue

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Already Have Guest WiFi?

No problem. The CogoBuzz Revenue Generating Hotspot™ can work with any existing WiFi solution to deliver marketing intelligence that drives revenue.

Basic Guest WiFi sucks. CogoBuzz drives revenue.


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