How to change customer behavior to increase sales revenue

Watch the video to learn how Kayte has helped change customer behavior to get customers in the door, fill seats on slow days and increase revenue for restaurants, entertainment venues & franchises. And learn how real-time marketing automations can help increase your followers on the social media platform(s) that fit your business best.

Change Customer Behavior  To Drive Revenue For Your Business

• Get Happy Hour Guests to Stay for Dinner •
• Bring Friday Visitors to Tuesday Lunch •
• Sell Items That Need Sold Fast •
• Drive Guests To Other Locations •

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Check out our article featured on Brainz Magazine by CogoBuzz CEO, Steve Gould
In today’s world fraught with unexpected global crises and continued technological and digital advances, change takes place rapidly and consumer behavior is no exception. Consumer spending, which makes up two-thirds of the U.S. economy, has held strong through April even with soaring inflation, according to the Washington Post. But there are growing signs the spending streak could be ending. With news of a potential recession splashed across headlines, customers are beginning to rethink their spending habits and the first to go are travel, hospitality and spending on services, such as restaurants… continue reading »

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