Social WiFi Marketing with Targeted Customer Messaging & Digital Signage


Automated Mobile Marketing

Send automated messages based on customer actions & habits

New Customers

Send personalized welcome messages that guarantee more Likes on Facebook & Instagram. Include coupons that guarantee repeat customers.

Popular Times

Happy Hour, Taco Tuesday, Sunday Brunch… Find out when it’s busiest/slowest – and message customers that have visited during those times.

Returning Customers

Welcome back customers with messages that increase positive online reviews & check-ins. Send automated loyalty messages. And track visit history with Customer Profiles.

Lost Customers

See which customers haven’t been back in a while and send them a special offer to bring them back – with their friends! Everyone loves a good BOGO.

Customer Lists & Reports

Create filtered customer lists based on your customer’s habits and visit data.

Send targeted ads to New or Returning Customers. Brunch, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Happy Hour guests. Event Attendees and so much more. Unlike other platforms, CogoBuzz helps you use the data. We create customized, automated advertising campaigns to help you get the most value from your data!

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Real-Time Messaging

Reach customers in real time with unique message triggers.

67% of customers don’t consider advertisements obtrusive if the ad is relevant to their wants/needs. The percentage grows to 89% if offering a special discount or promotion. Send your customers the right message, at the right time.

Our platform uses unique, profile based visit data to make sure they receive relevant offers, ensuring more happy customers – and more revenue.

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Contactless Digital Menus

Automated Text Messages

Send customers a direct link to your online menu as soon as they walk in the door. Available with all CogoWiFi or CogoBuzz packages.

SMS Keyword: MENU

Allow customers to text the keyword MENU to your business for a direct link to your digital menu. No complicated QR Code explanations required. And bonus, your number is saved in their phone!

QR Codes

Cover all your bases and use custom table/waiting area displays to promote your SMS Keyword and QR Codes. 

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Digital Signage

That Keeps Customers Engaged

Social TV

with LIVE Instagram Feed

  • ✓ Digital Menu Boards
  • ✓ Tap Lists
  • ✓ Event Notifications
  • ✓ Loyalty Program Integration
  • ✓ Interactive Advertisements
  • ✓ Mobile Interaction

Plug & Play Install

Promote Your Loyalty Program

SMS Keyword Campaigns

Live Tap Lists

Promote SMS Contests

Customer Insights & Real-Time Reporting

The most advanced customer targeting and loyalty messaging platform available!
Learn more about your customers, so you can send the right message, at the right time!

1. Connect to WiFi

New customers connect to your branded WiFi signal with their Phone#, Facebook or Email address.

2. Automated Greeting

Customer receive an automated message with incentive to Like & Check In on your Facebook page. 

3. New Contact Created!

Repeat customers will automatically connect for future visits. Capture visit data & start your campaigns!

Repeat Customers

Welcome back your repeat customers with unique automated messages.
Start collecting visit data and create targeted SMS, Email & Facebook campaigns.

Marketing Automation

See How You’re Connected with Your Guests

Generate Customer Lists
Track Customer Visits

Facebook Profiles


Phone Numbers


Email Addresses


Access Code


Merchant Services

Targeted Mobile Campaigns

Create tailored audiences based on visit data for extreme content targeting, driving the results you want better than any other advertising platform

Marketing Automation

Build your customer database, enroll customers in your Loyalty Program, and keep them engaged them with personalized texts/emails & visit based messaging

Automated Greetings

Increase Likes on your Facebook page by sending unique welcome & welcome back messages with links to your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram pages

Automated Loyalty Messages

Customers receive personalized offers based on time of day and data collected on their profiles. Our messaging triggers get more likes/reviews and bring back lost customers.

Digital Signage

Keep your specials and messaging fresh, with digital signage featuring  Social TV, Digital Menu Boards, Tap Lists, Video & Interactive Ads

On Premise Engagement

Know which customers on are site and combine WiFi, Text & TV for the ulimate guest experience. Host contests, interative games & more

User Generated Content

Turn your customers into brand advocates with multi-channel mobile marketing that compels your customers to use your hashtags and share your brand

SMS Coupons & Contests

Improve customer retention with SMS keywords that auto reply with regularly updated offers; send flash deals and host SMS Contests to drive loyalty and build your contact list

Interactive Advertising

Provide real time engagement with your customers through Hashtags and SMS Keywords on your TVs. Send auto replies to keywords and live 2 way chat with your customers over text

Customer + Merchant Benefits

Customer Insights

Automatically collect customer data & real time activity of your WiFi guests. Personalize your Loyalty Program with  Visit Data & Real-Time info, like who’s online & visit duration. 

Customer Loyalty

Personalize special offers & rewards. Reach customers on multiple touchpoints with SMS, Email, Onsite TVs and Social Media. Always sending the right message, at the right time.

Brand Advocates

Get more Customer Generated Content. Friends’ reviews drive more results than paid ads. And for each Like/Tag, your brand appears on friends & friends of friends’ feeds – the best local exposure! 

Social Gravity

Create tailored audiences based on visit data for extreme content targeting, driving the results you want better than any current social wi-fi providers. 

WiFi Analytics

See who’s online. Visualize your busiest hours/days. Find trends and trigger messages to get more customers in the door during slow times. Bring people back that visited past events and more.

Targeted Mobile Campaigns

Create tailored audiences based on visit data for extreme content targeting, driving the results you want better than any current social wi-fi providers like ZenReach, GoZone & Yelp. 

Main Street WiFi

Roaming public wi-fi for main streets & merchants. One seamless network, works with any/multiple internet service providers. All features, plus proximity marketing & merchant keywords.

Franchise Solutions

View all locations & customer data in one dashboard. Find your influencers. See who visits multiple stores. Generate & download custom audiences with data to empower existing marketing & more.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is WiFi Marketing?

WiFi Marketing & Analytics is a trending way for brick & mortar businesses to get a value out of providing Free Guest WiFi to their customers.

Customers get access to your High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) for Free, in exchange for opting in to your loyalty program. By opting in, customers are acknowledging that you can contact them via SMS & Email for special offers, event details and relevant information about your business*.

Once a customer connects to your Guest WiFi, their information is stored in your CogoBuzz Dashboard. Information includes Name, Profile Photo, Phone Number, Email Address, Birthday Interests, Facebook Profile information & Visit based information like Frequency of visits, dwell time, day of the week visited, events attended and more.

You can then use this information to generate customer lists for highly targeted SMS and email campaigns. And even set up automatic SMS and email triggers; for instance, automatically send a personalized Welcome Back message on the customer's 10th visit.

*The customer info belongs exclusively to the business and CANNOT be sold or distributed for any means other than marketing your business.

What is Social WiFi?
This is another term for WiFi Marketing. Customers can login to to your Guest WiFi with their Social Media accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter, and their information is stored for analytics and messaging purposes.
How Does it Work?
CoGoBuzz can be broken up into multiple service levels, but the automatic data capture comes from the Social WiFi. With a CoGoBuzz HotSpot, customers connect to your network with their Facebook Account or Phone Number, and are automatically enrolled in your loyalty program. This data is collected then used to reach back out with personalized texts and emails. Set up real-time campaigns targeted at people in your restaurant, or bring people back on a slow day with Flash Deals.
How Long Does It Take To Get Started?
Get Set up in 60 Seconds or Less! Just plug it in and it does the rest, instantly & automatically. As soon as your CoGoBuzz HotSpot connects to the internet, it downloads all of your customization & settings from the cloud. Guests can immediately connect to your guest network and start receiving texts as soon as you plug it in!

Your pre-programmed HotSpot will be delivered within 2-7 business days.

I Already Have a Marketing Company...
No problem! CoGoBuzz is built to be an Open System*, empowering not only your business, but the services and providers you already use. We get marketing companies operating at full throttle, with less effort. With easy access to our cloud based dashboard, they can manage their own digital, mobile, social & proximity advertising campaigns with the CoGoBuzz platform. All they have to do is create the messaging, CoGoBuzz does everything else – it’s so easy, you can even let your nephew manage it!

*Open System is a technical term, that simply means it plays well with others. We send and receive data from other sources, using the most secure systems available to date, ensuring your data is safe.

Is My Data Safe?
We take security seriously. We’ve been in the network management business since 2002, setting up large scale networks for hotels, resorts and convention centers across the US. We bring the same top tier security standards we offer for our large scale venues to your restaurant. We provide 24/7 network support and use all of the latest systems and security standards to keep your network and data secure! All of your customer data is stored in a unique database and belongs to your company; we do not use or sell this information for our own purposes.

Popular Integrations

Easily share customer data with any of your existing Messaging & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms

81% of Millennials

favor loyalty programs that do more than offer rewards for purchase

Over 40% of Millennials

engage with loyalty programs that are fun and interactive

70% of Consumers

say they would use a mobile version of their loyalty cards if they didn’t have to sign into a website or download an app

Restaurants bring back more customers with CoGoBuzz personalized marketing solutions, than with any traditional advertising service, through Automated Data Collection and Targeted, Multi-Channel Digital Marketing