Franchise Marketing Solutions

Customer Engagement & Marketing Automation

Data driven, integrated marketing that unifies your messaging across multiple locations.
No app downloads required.

Not Just Social WiFi…

A one-of-a-kind Customer Engagement Solution, specifically built to help franchises

Build customer profiles & track locations visited with the CogoBuzz WiFi marketing platform.

Easily integrate with any existing CRMs, messaging platforms, or use as a standalone marketing platform.
Or create automated text and email campaigns, with filtered customer lists and real time message triggers.

Returning Customers

automatically login to your WiFi – at any of your locations!

All customers are part of your franchise’s network. It doesn’t matter which location they originally connected to. 

Reward you customers and improve word of mouth marketing with automated rewards & offers based on number of visits/locations visited.

Send customized messages based on time of day, week, month.


Marketing Automation

Automatically build customer profiles and send targeted messages with custom triggers

Automatically Collect Customer Data, Metrics
and Schedule Reports

Create Automated Message Triggers
Based on Customer Actions,
Time, Events…

Bring Back Lost Customers

Trigger Automated Messages for customers that haven’t been back in a while…

Send Coupons & BOGO Offers that bring customers back through the doors 

And Keep Them Happy!

Our targeted messaging also helps rectify problems & keep customers happy, before a bad review

Digital Signage

That Keeps Customers Engaged

Social TV

with LIVE Instagram Feed

  • ✓ Digital Menu Boards
  • ✓ Tap Lists
  • ✓ Event Notifications
  • ✓ Loyalty Program Integration
  • ✓ Interactive Advertisements
  • ✓ Mobile Interaction

Plug & Play Install

Promote Your Loyalty Program

SMS Keyword Campaigns

Live Tap Lists

Promote SMS Contests


Integrated Digital Marketing for multiple locations.

Target specific locations and guests or run the same campaigns at all locations!

  • Automated Customer Messaging
  • Customer Profiles & Reports
  • Branded Guest WiFi with automatic data collection
  • SMS Contests, Deals & Coupons
  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Social TV with Live Instagram Feed


  • Track which stores your customers visit
  • Unified messaging across all locations
  • Granular targeting, automated list segmenting
  • Reward customers for visiting multiple locations
  • Alert customers of new locations in their area

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PLUS FREE Text Messaging Services for 30 Days*

*Includes all system messages and up to 2 marketing messages.
Maximum 5000 messages. Requires a refundable deposit up to $189.


Our Guarantee

We’re confident you’ll love CogoBuzz. The HotSpot is yours to keep, even if you decide not to subscribe for services, your HotSpot will continue to collect data as long as it’s plugged in. All data will be fully accessible when you activate your subscription, at any time.