How to use Real-Time Marketing that engages your customers & generates immediate Revenue

CogoBuzz is a Customer Engagement & Marketing Automation Platform that integrates Digital Signage, SMS, Email and Social Media Marketing.

Developed for dining, entertainment and service venues, we enable businesses to search, monitor & analyze customer data via our unique mobile friendly, cloud based dashboard for extremely targeted customer messaging that generates immediate revenue.

CogoBuzz Integrated Marketing Solutions with WIFI, SMS, DIgital Signage & Social Media

Capture real-time data and engage customers in real time.

Send targeted messages based on customer profiles and visit based data. Generate graphs, alerts and reports based on data patterns. And improve digital interaction with digital signage campaign integration!

Personalize messages based on your customer’s habits

Real-time offers

Get customers in the door on a slow day with a Flash deal, a limited time special offer that customer’s can’t refuse.

Reward your loyal customers

Track when and where customers visit. And create automated loyalty programs, customized for you business.

Bring back lost customers

Send targeted offers to create more returning customers.

Real-Time Marketing Automation

Filter by guest visit history data, including:
Date, day, time, range and frequency of visits. New vs returning customers. Venues. On-site zones. And more.

Set up a trigger to automatically message customers when filter criteria is met. Some examples:

  • New / Returning Customers
  • Breakfast / lunch / dinner / happy hour / brunch
  • Date of a past event
  • First Friday (of Every Month)
  • Taco Tuesday

For more ways to implement Real-Time Marketing at your venue, contact us to speak with one of our marketing consultants

Digital Signage

Keep customers engaged with integrated campaigns. We create custom TV displays with on screen menus, tap lists, featured menu items, event promotions and more. All integrated with your SMS and Social Media campaigns.

Create Custom Reports

Generate graphs, alerts and reports based on data patterns. Schedule reports to send you an email with visitor stats. And create automated triggers or on demand email and text marketing campaigns that target customers filtered in your reports.

Customer Lists

Filter customers by visit data and generate contact lists that automatically send your data to other platforms, like Facebook Advertising, Mailchimp, Square or HubSpot.

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Drive Revenue with Integrated Marketing & Marketing Automations

With our one-of-a-kind approach to Integrated Marketing & Marketing Automation, restaurants, franchises and entertainment venues are guaranteed to increase Social Media Followers, SMS/Email Subscribers and Revenue.

Featuring contactless digital menus

Make it easy for your customers to access your menu from their phone with Automated Text Messages, Menu Keywords and QR Codes.

Boost your Social Gravity™

CoGoBuzz™ integrated marketing solutions
improve organic reach


Get more likes, followers & user generated content

Integrate your advertising and improve your reach with loyalty texts. An image preview shows up on every customer’s phone, leading customers to click the link for more info – enticing likes and shares. Dramatically improve your post reach. And make sure customers see your post before the event is over.

Every time a person shares or mentions your business on social media, an average of 100 other people see your brand. That’s free, targeted advertising, like no other!

The average Facebook user has 338 friends; 35% of each user’s friends see their posts, according to business insider.

Captivate your customers with integrated marketing solutions

CoGoBuzz gets the most attention


Your TVs + Their Phones

Digital Menu Boards with SocialTV, Custom Promos with SMS Keywords and Engaging Content, branded for your business

Advertising so targeted, it doesn’t feel intrusive. CoGoBuzz has a less than 1% unsubscribe rate!


Easily share customer data with any of your existing messaging & customer relationship management (CRM) platforms

and more!

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