Industries utilizing the CogoBuzz™ Solution

The ultimate data-driven, revenue generating platform for brick and mortar businesses. Capture the most effective customer data at venues with a customer dwell time of over 10 minutes.

Independent Storefronts/Venues




Entertainment Venues




Track customer data & automate your marketing across multiple locations

Main Streets

Create a marketing network that unifies the messaging for your area

Marketing Agencies

Make your campaigns more successful with the targeted customer data & automations

All the same benefits of CogoBuzz for both your establishment and your customers – at multiple locations

    • Automated Customer Messaging
    • Customer Profiles & Reports
    • Branded Guest WiFi with automatic data collection
    • SMS Contests, Deals & Coupons
    • Digital Menu Boards
    • Social TV with Live Instagram Feed


    • Track which stores your customers visit
    • Send messages to customers every location or target specific locations
    • Reward customers for visiting multiple locations
    • Alert customers of new locations in their area

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    Our Guarantee

    We’re confident you’ll love CogoBuzz. The HotSpot is yours to keep, even if you decide not to subscribe for services, your HotSpot will continue to collect data as long as it’s plugged in. All data will be fully accessible when you activate your subscription, at any time.