Customer Case Study



Increase in Social Gravity™

Social Gravity: [soh-shuh-grav-i-tee] noun.

the power of 1 Like/Share/Post that translates to an average view of 300 friends with similar interests, in the same geographic location

Anaya Coffee is a fantastic coffee house, nestled in the Melbourne area. Its owners, Mike and Jenny Anaya, are industrious and hard-working individuals with a creative flare. They began operations in the Melbourne Beach Supermarket in 2012, but quickly realized they needed to move to a higher traffic area. This proved to be a very wise decision. Anaya’s coveted Main Street location lies in the center of Highland Ave, where about 40,000 cars pass by each end every day. However, being in the middle of the street, their traffic exposure is a little more limited.

About 90% of Anaya’s social media presence is on Facebook, with some additional effort on Instagram. They post their artisan breakfast and lunch menus on Facebook every day. Anaya has done a great job on branding, offering coffee mugs, T-shirts, and more. But other than these two primary initiatives, their marketing is fairly limited.

Clearly, with so much focus on social media, specifically Facebook and Instagram, the key to exposure is followers; without followers, the rest of the program – posting menus, announcements, etc., for the purposes of customer communications – has diminishing impact because as their competition jumps onboard, they are competing for placement with more sources on their followers’ news feeds. Facebook uses follower growth, shares, comments, likes, and check-ins to determine how many times posts will be seen by their followers. All these factors lend to the social gravity™ of a page or individual. Without growth the gravity of the site will become diluted in comparison to the competition – not just against other coffee shops, but any other business page.

Enter CoGoBuzz. Anaya had approximately 600 followers that had been organically acquired over three years before contacting NConnections. Within 3 months of installation their Facebook audience had grown to almost 1,200 followers. Almost overnight, their Social Gravity jumped dramatically, and the powerful and positive cycle of exposure, awareness, and engagement – leading to more exposure – began.

“As a practice we randomly ask our customers where they heard of us, or when our loyal customers return we strike up a conversation about life in general. About two to three months after installing the CoGoBuzz WiFi we noticed two things, the new customers were all saying they heard about us through Social Media, either via a share from a friend, or where a friend of theirs had recently checked-in, and conversely, we had so many of our regulars walk in – almost stunned – asking ‘what have you done to your Facebook page?” explains Mike Anaya, “It’s like suddenly massive numbers of Facebook users are seeing us. And, it has just continued for over a year now.”

CoGoBuzz is comprised of four integrated, but standalone tools: CoGoWiFi, CoGoText, CoGoMail & CoGoTV. Our solution integrates these technologies, leverages each one to improve the other, and provides an intuitive dashboard to monitor one, two, or all four tools, with real-time stats. Combined, CoGoBuzz not only makes it easier to like & share, but also compels customers to engage via Social Media.

“We are extremely pleased with Anaya’s success,” says Steve Gould, CEO of NConnections. “The results they’ve experienced are right in line with our other clients. We’ve found that customers want to be heard. They want to follow, provide reviews. However, a few extra steps are usually involved – downloading an app, searching for the establishment, and the many steps in between – tend to be too much effort for the average customer. Too many steps prevent engagement, whether it’s a Follow, Like, Check-in, picture post, or review. Out of the box, you plug in CoGoWiFi and simplify guest engagement to a single button click.”

“But, that’s just the first step,” continues Gould. “The next level of engagement is even more exciting, with the ability to send texts with links to Facebook posts, events, menus and even build your email list – and send emails that encourage customers to subscribe to your CoGoText Loyalty Program. It’s all very exciting when a customer sees the results of such a powerful engagement platform.”

Our Facebook likes & check-in rates have gone crazy! Our customers love it, they’re enjoying their coffee and want to let their friends know – and CoGoBuzz makes it so easy! Mike Anaya

Owner, Anaya Coffee