Franchise Case Study

Customer Loyalty & Promotions

Solution: CogoBuzz with WiFi + Text + TV


Marketing Automation

Triggers that initiate real-time text messages & emails. Target specific customers through visit history and profile data filters.


Digital Signage

Live Tap List, Draft Spotlight, Featured Cocktails, Event Promotions and Loyalty Program Awareness

Ad Campaigns

Increase awareness for events through SMS, email and automated event triggers. Improve social reach with real-time messages. SMS Keywords & Contests.

In the world of technology and who has the latest and greatest, we were challenged to find a platform that fit us. When we came across CogoBuzz, it checked all the boxes. Allowed us to gather information without having to spend time putting in the data ourselves. It gives us the ability to show our beer selection or what specials or promotions we may have going on. All we do is pass along graphics sent by corporate and CogoBuzz distributes it across our integrated solutions. And finally it was so simple to install and get up and running. They sent us the equipment with clear directions on what needed to be done and once we had purchased and hung up the TV that is the video board, we were up and running 15 minutes later.
Dan Davis

Central Florida Regional Manager, Mellow Mushroom

Customer Loyalty

In 2018, this franchisee was looking for new technologies at the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show in Orlando, FL. They stopped by our booth and were up and running with our complete solution and marketing services at all three of their locations within a matter of days. We have been working closely with them ever since and they have been instrumental in the development of our franchise solution.

Customer data collection and segmentation at 3 properties. One dashboard.

Our unique dashboard allows franchisors & franchisees to manage multiple locations with one dashboard. Customers are automatically added to a unique contact list at each location. Visit history is tracked for all locations and aggregated on one customer profile.

We have created campaigns that message all customers, as well as campaigns that are unique to specific locations. Customers also automatically connect to the Guest WiFi and all locations, after their first connection at one location.

Unique triggers are setup at each location and updated regularly to improve social media reach for their respective Facebook/Instagram pages, menus, online ordering and for current events.

Improving customer loyalty with targeted, timely messaging

Digital Signage

Promote Loyalty Club Awareness

Live Tap List

New Draft Spotlight

Featured Cocktails

Social TV


Integrated Marketing

TVs are regularly updated to promote their marketing/campaigns. Screens promote new customers to join their loyalty program. Encourage sales of featured food and beverages with Live Tap Lists and Digital Menu Boards. Promote SMS Keywords. And encourage customers to interact with their Social Media posts.

Text-To-Win Campaigns

The campaign featured below was for a chance to win the ultimate tailgate package to a UCF Knights Football game. Campaign services included the following updates:

CogoTV – Custom graphics for TV ad to increase promotion awareness

CogoWiFi – Updated automated greetings to increase promotion awareness

CogoText – Collected Customer Names, Phone Numbers and Email addresses for SMS contest. Automatically added to a segmented customer group for future promotions. Randomly selected and notified contest winner via SMS. Shared Facebook posts via SMS and increased social media engagement by 74%

How to enter: Text an SMS Keyword to the restaurant’s phone number.

Contest promotions: Upon entering the restaurants, customers were sent automated text messages promoting the contest, with a link to a Facebook post about the game. Customers were encouraged to comment on the post, increasing post views and engagement on Facebook. TVs in all 3 restaurant locations were updated with graphics for the event promotion.