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Merchants get an average of 500 new likes from loyalty members in the first month. The average user has 300 connections, that’s 150,000 highly targeted views. As a marketer, you know the power of Word of Mouth Marketing. A check-in/post from a friend is far more powerful than a random review. CogoBuzz Social Gravity™ boosts online exposure and automates Page Likes and Word of Mouth Marketing. When merchants see the increase in activity on social media guess who gets the credit – You!

CogoBuzz makes it easier to get Page Likes and Online Reviews, automatically. With integrated CogoText™ SMS Marketing, you can collect online reviews, increase sign ups to Facebook Events, and send special deals. Happy customers using CogoBuzz = More Social Gravity!

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Our exclusive network of resellers is comprised of the best talent in the industry – and we know them all by name! We’re a small business with a big focus on relationships. Exceptional customer service is an important part of our business model and our passionate and hard working team has exceptional public relations skills. Resellers are fully supported through our Partner Portal, with access to Sales Tools & Support, FAQs, Chat, Printed Materials so you can close sales faster!

Our resellers earn an average income of $57,600 per year with just 5 sales per month – PLUS enrollment commission!

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CogoBuzz™ is an open system platform and can send & receive data from other sources. If you have a solution that can work with our platform and provide added value for customers, we’d love to hear from you!


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